Scana Steel USA Inc.

North American service center


Scana Steel USA Inc. is the Scana Steel Björneborg’s business hub in USA that is situated in Chicago IL with capability of sawing, cutting, gun drilling and milling tool steel bars or blocks with an objective of delivering products as close to near net shape as possible to the north American customers. Our Steel Service Center has a stock of various tool steel grades in different sizes for fast delivery to our customers.

Our USA steel service center offers following services:

  1. Exclusive & direct contact between Scana Steel Sweden and our American end users
  2. Deliver near net shape, customer customized products with the lowest possible lead time and lowest possible total cost of manufacturing to north American customers
  3. Manage day to day contact, sales & marketing support and after sales support for our North American customers
  4. Metallurgical support services such as:
    • Heat treatment recipes
    • Preparation and suggestion of product specification for steel procurement
    • Alloy design and material choice based on customers demand/applications
    • Supplier quality assurance description and project management for special products with special demands
    • Non-destructive & destructive metallurgical analysis such as ultrasonic analysis, magnetic particles, tensile test, impact test, hardness test, metallography and CTOD (Performed in our central laboratory in Björneborg Sweden)




Kamrooz R. Malayeri, Ph.D.

Scana Steel USA Inc.
P.O. Box 97, East Dundee, IL 60118-0097 USA
Cell: 212-203-8637

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